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Reliable, timely, accurate, accessible and comparable energy statistics are the precondition for the development of coherent national energy policies, strategies and plans that will contribute to a country's energy security, enhance investment in energy, facilitate planning and trade and monitor the energy sector's greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy data is a fundamental input for compilating energy balances and analyses, developing forecasts for policymaking and investment planning, and calculating CO2 emissions and indicators to monitor policies.

The INOGATE Partner Countries (PCs) still have many challenges to achieving harmonised, well-functioning and useful statistics. The statistics functions of a majority of the PCs often lack financial and human resources as well as consumption and supply side data that is harmonised with international standards. Old software is often used for the collection, processing and dissemination of energy data, institutional structures are often weak or inefficient and few methodologies are in place for consumption surveys. Each INOGATE PC needs a national administration for its statistics function, headed by a formal and independent statistics authority, with a strong sense for international cooperation and a commitment to statistical quality.

In 2012, INOGATE began working in this new area of cooperation with Partner Countries, in cooperation with Eurostat and the International Energy Agency (IEA). As a first step, INOGATE developed 11 Energy Statistics Actions Plans (ESAPs) – one for each INOGATE Partner Country – together with the national statistics institutes and ministries in charge of energy for each country. Nine of ESAPs were adopted by the Partner Countries, six through Memoranda on Statistical Cooperation (Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Ukraine) and three through Approval Documents (Azerbaijan, Belarus and Tajikistan).

Technical assistance provided by INOGATE focuses on increasing the capacity of national statistical institutes and other statistical bodies in the production and dissemination of consistent energy statistics, balances and indicators for the future. INOGATE has established an Energy Statistics Network, hosted an International Conference in Copenhagen highlighting the role of energy statistics in decision making and carried out intensive training to PC stakeholders on energy statistics and balances, together with study visits to well-known European National Statistical Institutes targeting exchange of experiences.

These activities are a unique and first-time attempt to bring together energy companies (data providers) and national statistical institutes and ministries (data users) to exchange ideas and opinions for the further improvement of energy statistics systems in INOGATE PCs and enhance their mutual communication.

Already, INOGATE has helped a number of Partner Countries produce, for the first time, energy balances in line with international standards. In the next phase of support, INOGATE targets the increased use of statistics in the formulation of energy policy, assisting decision making in the region.

The brochure presents the important role that energy statistics play in the socio-economic development and the  INOGATE Programme support towards regional cooperation in this field.

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INOGATE & Energy statistics

Activity Title ▴▾ Date ▴ Status ▴▾ Location Type
Comp D: Study Tour on Energy Statistics and Energy Balances 05/11/2013 - 07/11/2013 Completed Sofia (Bulgaria) Event
Seminars & Workshops
Training Course
Comp D: 1st Technical Assistance Mission to the Republic of Armenia to Implement Energy Statistics Action Plan 18/11/2013 - 22/11/2013 Completed Yerevan (Armenia) Event
Other Event
ITS Reports 25/01/2014 - 25/01/2014 Completed Reports and Studies
Comp A: INOGATE Local Information Event in Uzbekistan 29/01/2014 - 29/01/2014 Completed Tashkent (Uzbekistan) Event
Information Event
LIE in Georgia: INOGATE as a successful EU Energy Cooperation Programme: Achievements in Georgia and Way Forward in 2014 19/02/2014 - 19/02/2014 Completed Tbilisi (Georgia) Event
Information Event
Comp A: INOGATE Local Information Event for Moldova 19/03/2014 - 19/03/2014 Completed Chisinau (Moldova) Event
Information Event
Local Information Event - INOGATE as a successful EU energy cooperation programme: achievements in Kazakhstan and way forward in 2014, 18 June 2014 - Astana, Kazakhstan 18/06/2014 - 18/06/2014 Completed Astana (Kazakhstan) Information Event
Study Visit on energy statistics and energy balances, 8 - 11 July 2014 – Vienna, Austria 08/07/2014 - 11/07/2014 Completed Vienna (Austria) Study visits
INOGATE Local Information event for Azerbaijan 17/07/2014 - 17/07/2014 Completed Baku (Azerbaijan) Event
INOGATE Meetings
2nd Technical Assistance Mission to Belarus to implement Energy Statistics Action Plan 16/09/2014 - 18/09/2014 Completed Minsk (Belarus) Other Event
Comp D: INOGATE Technical Assistance Mission in Ukraine 07/10/2014 - 09/10/2014 Completed Kiev (Ukraine) Event
Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia – Highlights 2013 20/10/2014 - 20/10/2014 Completed Publications
Reports and Studies
INOGATE Annual Meeting – Brussels, 22 October 2014 22/10/2014 - 22/10/2014 Completed Brussels (Belgium) INOGATE Meetings
Participation of INOGATE Country Coordinators in the Eastern Partnership 3rd Platform Meeting - Belgium 23/10/2014 - 23/10/2014 Completed Brussels (Belgium) Event
Other Event
INOGATE Energy Statistics Network meeting – Zagreb, Croatia, November 25, 2014 25/11/2014 - 25/11/2014 Completed Zagreb (Croatia) Event
INOGATE International Conference on the achievement of energy statistics Action Plans (2012-2014) and importance of improving data quality for energy statistics, balances and planning - Zagreb, Croatia, November 26-27, 2014 26/11/2014 - 27/11/2014 Completed Zagreb (Croatia) Event
INOGATE Newsletter 14/12/2012 - 31/01/2015 Completed Publications
EU: IEA / INOGATE Energy Policy Review of countries in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia - launch of the compendium publication in Brussels 13/04/2015 - 13/04/2015 Completed Brussels (Belgium) Event
Information Event
EASTERN EUROPE: IEA / INOGATE Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Energy Policy Review publication launch event 15/04/2015 - 15/04/2015 Completed Chisinau (Moldova) Event
Information Event
CAUCASUS: IEA / INOGATE Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Energy Policy Review publication launch event 17/04/2015 - 17/04/2015 Completed Tbilisi (Georgia) Event
Information Event
CENTRAL ASIA: IEA / INOGATE Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Energy Policy Review publication launch event 24/04/2015 - 24/04/2015 Completed Astana (Kazakhstan) Event
Information Event
INOGATE Country Coordinators and Country Experts informal meeting 27/04/2015 - 28/04/2015 Completed Tbilisi (Georgia) INOGATE Meetings
3rd Technical assistance mission to Moldova 02/07/2015 - 03/06/2015 Upcoming Chisinau (Moldova) INOGATE Meetings
Multi-Annual Report 2012-2014 18/06/2015 - 18/06/2015 Completed Reports and Studies
INOGATE Regional Seminar on energy planning “From Energy Statistics to Energy Policies”, Chisinau, Moldova 30/06/2015 - 01/07/2015 Completed Chisinau (Moldova) INOGATE Meetings
Seminars & Workshops

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