Overview of INOGATE Projects

Project title ▴ Start date ▴▾ End date ▴▾ Budget
Assistance in the framework of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue for the Assessment and Financing promotion of new pipeline projects of common interest from Eastern NIS to European Union (98/99.05) 30/11/1999 30/11/2000
Capacity building for sustainable energy regulation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 01/03/2010 31/12/2011 €505,856
Capacity-building for Energy Regulators in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 01/09/2009 01/07/2010 €330,000
Coal Sector Policy Support Programme 30/11/2008 30/11/2012 €100,000
Comparative Analysis: EU and Ukraine Energy Security 01/09/2007 30/09/2007
Complementary feasibility studies for oil and gas from the Caspian Sea Region to Central and Eastern Europe 97.01 30/09/1999 30/04/2001 €2,000,000
Development of Co-ordinated National Energy Policies (Central Asia) 01/05/2007 30/04/2009 €2,006,000
Development of Maintenance Excellence in NIS Gas Companies. 15/11/2005 09/12/2007 €1,460,000
Development of the Objectives of the INOGATE Programme in Romania (98.05) 01/01/2001 30/07/2001 €300,000
Diagnostic Evaluation of the Main Gas Pipelines in the Russian Federation to Improve Capacity and Reduce Losses and Evaluation of the compression Stations in Trunk Pipelines 30/11/1993 30/11/1995
Emergency Priority Actions for Security and Improvement of Exploitation Conditions for Gas Transportation Systems in CA 03/06/2006 31/12/2007 €1,000,000
Energy Saving Initiative in the Building Sector in the Eastern European and Central Asian Countries (ESIB) 01/01/2010 01/03/2014 €4,449,650
Enhancement of environmental protection measures in the oil/gas industry of Central Asia (EPMOGI) 01/12/2008 30/11/2010 €2,650,000
Feasibility studies for expanding the Boyarka Gas Metrology Centre to include oil, oil products, liquefied gas metrology, leakage (satellite) monitoring, optimization and control of hydrocarbons transit flows and to offer training facilities 01/08/2009 31/12/2011 €1,439,335
Feasibility Study for a Satellite Monitoring and Accident prevention System for the Security of the Gas Transport and Storage Infrastructures in the Russian Federation and the NIS (00.02) 01/07/2003 30/09/2004 €910,546
Feasibility study for the oil and gas pipelines through the Caspian Sea (96.01) 27/10/1997 27/09/1999 €2,330,000
Financing small scale investments for regional Oil and Gas infrastructure in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia 30/11/1999 30/11/1999
Financing small scale investments for regional Oil and Gas infrastructure in Central Asia 30/11/1999 30/11/1999
Financing Small Scale Investments for Regional Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Central Asia (98/99.01) 12/10/2001 31/08/2003 €2,850,000
Financing Small Scale Investments for Regional Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova (98/99.03) 01/01/2002 31/03/2005 €7,900,000
Financing small-scale investments for Regional Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Caucasus (98/99.02) 30/12/2001 30/08/2003 €5,200,008
Follow-up on institutional issues (97.04) 21/06/1999 21/06/2000
Follow-up on Institutional Issues (Phase B) - Multimodal Oil Transport System and Creation of a Common Operator (98.01) 01/07/2000 01/07/2001 €1,000,000
Follow-up to INOGATE Support Group (98/99.06) 16/10/2002 30/06/2004 €1,200,000
Gas pipelines diagnostic mobile laboratory 30/11/1999 30/11/1999

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