Overview of INOGATE Projects

Project title ▴ Start date ▴▾ End date ▴▾ Budget
Assistance in the framework of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue for the Assessment and Financing promotion of new pipeline projects of common interest from Eastern NIS to European Union (98/99.05) 30/11/1999 30/11/2000
Coal Sector Policy Support Programme 30/11/2008 30/11/2012 €100,000
Comparative Analysis: EU and Ukraine Energy Security 01/09/2007 30/09/2007
Complementary feasibility studies for oil and gas from the Caspian Sea Region to Central and Eastern Europe 97.01 30/09/1999 30/04/2001 €2,000,000
Development of Co-ordinated National Energy Policies (Central Asia) 01/05/2007 30/04/2009 €2,006,000
Development of Maintenance Excellence in NIS Gas Companies. 15/11/2005 09/12/2007 €1,460,000
Development of the Objectives of the INOGATE Programme in Romania (98.05) 01/01/2001 30/07/2001 €300,000
Emergency Priority Actions for Security and Improvement of Exploitation Conditions for Gas Transportation Systems in CA 03/06/2006 31/12/2007 €1,000,000
Enhancement of environmental protection measures in the oil/gas industry of Central Asia (EPMOGI) 01/12/2008 30/11/2010 €2,650,000
Feasibility Study for a Satellite Monitoring and Accident prevention System for the Security of the Gas Transport and Storage Infrastructures in the Russian Federation and the NIS (00.02) 01/07/2003 30/09/2004 €910,546
Feasibility study for the oil and gas pipelines through the Caspian Sea (96.01) 27/10/1997 27/09/1999 €2,330,000
Financing small scale investments for regional Oil and Gas infrastructure in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia 30/11/1999 30/11/1999
Financing small scale investments for regional Oil and Gas infrastructure in Central Asia 30/11/1999 30/11/1999
Financing Small Scale Investments for Regional Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Central Asia (98/99.01) 12/10/2001 31/08/2003 €2,850,000
Financing Small Scale Investments for Regional Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova (98/99.03) 01/01/2002 31/03/2005 €7,900,000
Financing small-scale investments for Regional Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Caucasus (98/99.02) 30/12/2001 30/08/2003 €5,200,008
Follow-up on institutional issues (97.04) 21/06/1999 21/06/2000
Follow-up on Institutional Issues (Phase B) - Multimodal Oil Transport System and Creation of a Common Operator (98.01) 01/07/2000 01/07/2001 €1,000,000
Follow-up to INOGATE Support Group (98/99.06) 16/10/2002 30/06/2004 €1,200,000
Gas pipelines diagnostic mobile laboratory 30/11/1999 30/11/1999
Gas Security of Supply to Armenia in the Framework of the Closure of Medzamor Nuclear Power Plant (00.01) 12/07/2002 12/11/2004 €3,000,000
Gas security of supply to Armenia in the framework of the closure of the Medzamor Nuclear Power Plant 30/11/1999 30/11/1999
Harmonisation of gas and oil technical standards and practices (E. Europe and Caucasus) 19/12/2007 20/08/2010 €2,930,500
Harmonisation of gas technical standards and practices in Central Asia 01/04/2008 31/10/2009 €1,356,000
Hydrocarbon Potential Assessment (97.02) 01/09/1999 01/12/2001 €3,500,000

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