Rapid response expert facility for developing energy supplies and interstate transportation (Central Asia)

Project Description

The planned activities of the project are as follows:
• Inception phase (establish contacts; road maps of INOGATE Program; case study of one project; inputs to first meeting of Steering Committee).
• Establishment and operation of the Steering Committee (establish Rapid Response Steering Committee; fine tune Rapid Response project pipeline management process; fast track rapid response facility approval process).
• Support in the identification of priority projects (initial project pipeline; preparation of project dossiers; organisation of regional meetings).
• Provision of technical assistance to selected gas investment projects (set up and management of the Rapid Response Expert Facility (RREF); preparation of Terms of Reference for specific project support; provision of suitable expertise; project implementation; liaison with the European Commission and beneficiaries).
• Expand participation of IFIs (preparation of information material; liaison with IFIs to promote their participation in the Rapid Response Expert Facility fund; secure the commitment of additional IFIs into the RREF fund).
The overall approach should be based on team and relationship building and institutional strengthening. The beneficiaries, various project partners and local experts will be involved as much as possible in the Project - this is crucial to ensure potential sustainability of the national and regional gas development processes.

Project Objective

To facilitate the development of gas supplies and interstate transportation, as well as oil projects, electricity projects, energy efficiency projects, renewable energy projects and CDM energy sector projects that will significantly enhance this development by substitution, economy of scale and/or market stimulation, contributing to the implementation of the INOGATE Umbrella Agreement and to enhancing the safety and security of energy supply within the region and towards Europe in line with the Baku initiative and the conclusions reached at the Ministerial Conference held in Astana in November 2006.

Specific Objectives

To provide expertise and advice on technical, financial, legal and policy to energy administration and companies with a view to modernizing management and supporting the development of sound regional investment plans and projects in the energy sector.

Expected Results

Practical assistance to project promoters and IFIs for a number of investment projects, including the compilation of scoping and pre-feasibility studies, due diligence documentation, economic modeling, environmental and social impact studies, legal documentation, etc.
• Depending on the complexity of the assistance to each investment project, a maximum of 10 investment projects will be assisted.
Overall project results:
• Increased understanding by project promoters of the conditions required for successful financing of projects;
• Increased cooperation between IFI`s and project promoters;
• Enhanced regional cooperation between project promoters for regional projects.

Key Data



Implementation period

01/09/2006 - 01/09/2009



Thematic Areas

Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Energy investments

Beneficiary countries

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

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