Gas Security of Supply to Armenia in the Framework of the Closure of Medzamor Nuclear Power Plant (00.01)

Project Description

Since independence of Armenia, one of the main concerns of the Government was to resolve the energy crisis and to avoid its reoccurrence in the future. Therefore, the policy priority is to secure alternative, diverse and secure supplies of energy resources prior to the shutdown of unit 2 of the Medzamor NPP. Thus, the project with its objective to assist the Ministry in the rehabilitation and modernisation of the gas transport infrastructure is highly relevant.

Project consist of the three following components:

  • Component 1 Energy Consumption forecast:
    • Energy consumption forecast;
    • Updated gas demand forecast and associated localization;
    • Gas supply scenarios and specific actions.
  • Component 2 Rehabilitation of existing facilities:
    • Updated medium-term investment plan;
    • List of possible demonstration project(s);
    • Execution plan for the implementation of the selected project(s);
    • Specifications;
    • List of equipment;
    • Evaluation and recommendation to the EC of the offers received as a result of the tender for rehabilitation equipment;
    • Delivery of equipment to site and installation;
    • Monitoring of the performance tests and certification.
  • Component 3 Iran-Armenia gas project studies in the context of the regional infrastructures.
    • Assessment of the Iran-Armenia interconnection in ensuring the gas security of supply to Armenia in the context of the existing and projected regional interstate gas pipelines.

    Taking into account the time constraints and to ensure the success of the implementation of the demonstration projects both in terms of planning and budget, it has been agreed with the Beneficiary during the Inception Phase and approved by the European Commission to prepare ONE international tender with lots of diversified equipment selected items. The Demonstration Projects (DP) as approved by the Steering Committee are presented by Lot and listed below:

    • Abovian Underground Gas Storage Station (UGSS)
      • LOT 1: Replacement of 3 brine pumps (DP1)
      • LOT 2: Work over of 3 gas wells with change of tubing, casing (DP2) and production tree (DP4)
      • LOT 3: Change of 50 manual gate valves (DP3)
      • LOT 4: Supply of a down hole logging equipment (DP5)
      • LOT 5: Supply of an emergency well repair equipment (DP6)
    • Gas Transmission System (GTS)
      • LOT 6: Supply of a special machinery equipment for repair of damaged pipeline (DP7)
      • LOT 7: Implementation of a basic SCADA system with satellite teletransmission equipment (DP8).

    ArmRusGasprom CSJC, has been designated by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Armenia, Beneficiary of the project, as the Recipient and Final User of the equipment to be procured through the International Open Tender.

Project Objective

The project`s wider objective is the security of energy supply to the Republic of Armenia in the framework of the closure of Medzamor NPP at an early possible date, taking into consideration the regional energy interdependence context and the energy diversification policy of the country.


Specific Objectives

The project`s specific objective is to assist the Ministry of Energy of Armenia in the rehabilitation and modernisation of the gas transport infrastructure used for importing gas from the Russian Federation in order to improve the capacity of the network and reduce the risks of supply disruptions, through the definition of an updated medium-term investment plan and of specific actions for the rehabilitation and improvement of the existing import facilities and the implementation of rehabilitation projects.

Expected Results

At the half-way stage, according to the Monitoring Report, the project had made the folloowing progress:

  • Component 1
    "Armenia Energy Demand Forecast to 2020" has been elaborated by the Consultant and accepted by the project`s Beneficiary. The main conclusion of the "Energy Demand Forecast to 2020" study is that a new pipeline capacity is urgently needed in order to reduce the supply interruption risk and to achieve energy security. According to the project recommendations, ideally, additional capacity should be in place at the latest.
  • Component 2
    Rehabilitation of existing facilities: Equipment of the Lot No1,2,3,4 (partially) and 6 have been delivered to Armenia. Installation activity has been started by Transgaz Ltd (ArmRusgasprom`s subsidiary company). Detailed planning of activity has been agreed and adopted.
  • Component 3
    Progress on Component 3 is highly depending of the commercial ongoing negotiations (confidential) and political decisions regarding the Iran-Armenia pipeline project. In this respect Guidelines are still waited from the Beneficiary to define more precisely the activities requested.

Realisation of the demonstration projects on Abovyan Underground Gas Storage and gas transmission system will contribute to the overall efforts of the Armenian Ministry of Energy and "ArmRusgasprom" in ensuring proper level of security of gas supply to Armenia, as well as to transfer "know how" to the gas sector of Armenia.

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Implementation period

12/07/2002 - 12/11/2004



Thematic Areas

Energy security

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