Financing Small Scale Investments for Regional Oil and Gas Infrastructure in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova (98/99.03)

Project Description

The following facilities were planned to be installed at the Regional Centre for Metrology of Natural Gas:

  • Test rig for calibration and verification of industrial meters of natural gas;
  • Basic verification system to support the traceably of gas meters;
  • Pressure Laboratory - for testing and verification of Pressure instruments;
  • Temperature Laboratory- for testing and verification of Temperature instruments;
  • Gas Analysis Laboratory - for testing and verification of Calibration Standards and analysis of gas samples, including density and humidity meters.

Foreseen activities:

  • Business Plan
  • A protocol to the Umbrella Agreement to define the legal status of the Regional Centre
  • Training program
  • Contract Award Supply Contracts - February 2003
  • Contract Award Validation and Certification Consultant - August 2003
  • Detailed Design - February - November 2003
  • Delivery Equipment - November 2003 - June 2004
  • Installation, Commissioning - June - November 2004
  • Validation and Certification Activities - November 2004 - February 2004
  • Start-up Operations - November 2004
  • International Certification - March 2004

Project Objective

  • Enhancing the security of the gas supply and transparency of gas trade within the region and to European markets
  • Facilitating the introduction of modern EU technologies in the gas transit sector

Specific Objectives

Creation of an international certified Regional Metrological Centre, which will provide state of the art calibration services for the gas transfer within the region and provides also the possibility to offer calibration services to other countries. The availability of the Metrological Centre will improve measuring techniques applicable in gas transit compatible with internationally recognised standards.

One of the objectives of the INOGATE Programme is to increase the transparency of gas trade within the region and to the European markets. For this purpose accurate gas flow measurements, acceptance of applied measuring techniques are essential. The previous INOGATE projects have revealed the importance of accurate and reliable gas flow measurements, especially for cross-border metering. Several cross border metering stations have been installed or upgraded with support of INOGATE (i.e. Grebenyky and Kaushany). A metrological centre will provide the necessary calibration - and other technical support services to these and other metering stations and is therefore a logical next step in the INOGATE Program.

Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova have agreed to create a Regional Metrological Centre and are jointly involved in establishing the facilities, which will be installed, and the design and implementation of these facilities. The three beneficiary countries also agreed to jointly operate the Regional Metrological Centre in the framework of the INOGATE Umbrella Agreement, for which a protocol will be signed.

Expected Results

Conclusions and summaries:

Achievements of the project to date:

  • Completion of a basic design package for the facilities to be installed at the Metrological Centre;
  • Preparation of the tender documents for the supply, installation and commissioning of these facilities;
  • Preparation of the tender documents for selecting a Consultant for certification and validation services;
  • Execution of the tenders;
  • The beneficiary has approved the Factory Acceptance Tests of the equipment;
  • The equipment for the pressure- and temperature facilities is at site;

Remaining activities

  • Shipment of the equipment for the Gas Meter Calibration Rig and the Analytical Laboratory;
  • Finalisation of the local construction activities;
  • Installation of the equipment for the laboratories and calibration rig;
  • Validation and Certification activities by NMi.

Future points of interest

  • Inauguration of the facilities with first meter calibration;
  • Training of local staff;
  • Issue of International Certification to the Centre by NMI

The Project meets the planned objectives and gained the officially expressed appreciation of all the beneficiaries. All activities were performed in close co-operation with the specialists from the three beneficiaries (Naftogaz of Ukraine, Moldovagas and Beltransgas). After its completion the international certified Regional Metrological Centre will provide state-of- the-art calibration services for the gas transfer within the region and will offer calibration services to other countries.

Key Data



Implementation period

01/01/2002 - 31/03/2005



Thematic Areas

Energy security, Energy investments

Beneficiary countries

Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine

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