Assistance in the framework of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue for the Assessment and Financing promotion of new pipeline projects of common interest from Eastern NIS to European Union (98/99.05)

Project Description

Project Objective

This project was financed by INOGATE funds in order to support the development of the complementary energy co-operation programme, the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue.

Specific Objectives

The project`s specific objectives were as follows:

  • Pre-assess the economical, technical and environmental viability of the proposed project of common interest;
  • Design of a financing scheme for one or more selected project(s);
  • Design of an investment guarantee mechanism for non commercial risks;
  • Propose appropriate legislative measures to be implemented in the Russian Federation and transit countries.

Expected Results

One of the main results of the project was a developed proposal for an "Investment guarantee mechanism for non-commercial risks".

Key Data



Implementation period

30/11/1999 - 30/11/2000


Thematic Areas

Energy security, Energy investments

Beneficiary countries

Russian Federation