Harmonisation of electricity standards

Project Description

The INOGATE Harmonisation of Electricity Standards Project (the Project) developed  action plans and establish a road map for eleven Partner Countries (PC) of the Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and the Central Asia regions, in terms of the harmonization of standards, which will ultimately lead to integration with the electricity markets in the EU. The Project’s activities included:

  • identification of contacts in Partner Countries, establishment of co-operation with relevant stakeholders
  • identification of relevant international standards
  • establishment of working procedures
  • technical work on standards (analysis, training, translation, preparation for adoption)
  • analysis of legislative and institutional framework in Partner Countries, identification of necessary modifications
  • development of harmonization strategies and action plans in Partner Countries
  • organization of relevant events (meetings, seminars, workshops, study visit, final conference)

Project Objective

The project`s objective is to assist the INOGATE Partner Countries in adopting international standards, rules and practices in the electricity sector. It is anticipated that cooperation on standardization within the framework of the INOGATE Programme will lead to market integration and convergence.  The Project seeks to increase infrastructure efficiency, enhance quality and reliability of equipment, ensure safety in electricity transmission and distribution and facilitate trade and investments in modern technologies.

Specific Objectives

The project had to propose a strategy and action plan for the region in terms of harmonisation of standards, which will ultimately lead to integration with the energy markets of the EU.

Expected Results

The planned project results are the following:

- Technical Group on the Harmonisation of Electricity Standards established

- Harmonisation proposals for two major equipment standards approved and implementation started

- Handbook with step-by-step guidance on the harmonisation process developed

- Overall strategy with medium-term action plan for the harmonisation of equipment standards in the electricity sector proposed

- Communication strategy developed and implemented.

Key Data



Implementation period

01/09/2009 - 31/03/2011



Thematic Areas

Energy policy, Energy markets, Energy standards

Beneficiary countries

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan