Capacity-building for Energy Regulators in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Project Description



Project Objective

The project is to promote and advocate good and sound energy regulatory practices in the Partner Countries of the INOGATE Programme and to harmonise energy regulatory practices among them. The project will allow the transfer of EU best practices and the strengthening of cooperation among the countries involved.Furthermore, the project will aim to educate relevant ministerial level decision makers of these countries about the purposes and benefits of an independent energy regulatory organisation.

Expected Results

  • Creation of a network for information exchange and assistance among the energy regulators of the beneficiary countries with the aim of helping governments to improve the overall consistency of their energy policies and to better integrate regulatory tools into sectoral strategies and policies.
  • Transfer of information and best practices among the participating energy regulators and ministry representatives with the aim of establishing a common regulatory environment and common understanding of regulatory and market issues andpractices, based on EU principles.
  • Improve organisational performance including better tariff practices consistent with international methods and harmonised among the beneficiary countries.
  • Support beneficiary countries in carrying out their regulatory reforms and improving their regulatory responsibilities.· Support beneficiary countries in establishing independent regulatory bodies.
  • Educate secondary target groups (consumer advocacy groups, research and academic institutions, press).

Key Data



Implementation period

01/09/2009 - 01/07/2010



Thematic Areas

Energy policy, Energy tariffs, Energy markets

Beneficiary countries

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan