Technical Audit of Oil & Gas Pipelines

Project Description

1) In line inspection of selected essential pipeline section
2) Above ground inspection of these pipelines
3) Provision of know-how for the development of a data information system on the oil & gas pipelines networks, which will be the base for the implementation of a maintenance programme.
4) Training of local personnel
5) Procurement of equipment (PNIS, GPS, detection of pipes)
6) Dissemination of project results

Project Objective

The establishment of a common gas pipeline monitoring and maintenance philosophy and procedures across the gas transmission companies of the four beneficiary countries.

Specific Objectives

To establish a Pipeline Network Information System (PNIS) within the oil & gas transport companies

Expected Results

- To maintain and improve the long-term integrity of the Central Asia Gas export system to Central & Western Europe
- To establish a Pipeline Network Information System (PNIS) within the gas transport companies and insure the necessary training

Overall project results:
Evolution of beneficiaries towards harmonised procedures for monitoring and maintenance (measurement: number of incidents and/

Key Data



Implementation period

01/07/2005 - 31/12/2006



Thematic Areas

Energy security

Beneficiary countries

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan