Ministerial conferences

Before 2004, the INOGATE Programme stood for Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe and dealt only with technical issues of the oil and gas sector. INOGATE's mandate was expanded at the Ministerial Energy Conference of 2004 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Ministerial delegates adopted the Baku Declaration with its resulting policy framework, now referred to as the ‘Baku Initiative’.

The 2nd Energy Ministerial Conference took place two years later in 2006 in Astana, Kazakhstan and completed INOGATE’s transformation. INOGATE’s areas of work expanded to include three new energy sectors: electricity, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Its technical mandate was expanded to include legal and regulatory issues as well as investment attraction. The ministerial delegates adopted the Astana Declaration and its accompanying Energy Road Map.

Today, this long-term Energy Road Map still guides the overall direction of the INOGATE Programme.

Ministerial conference