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Energy standards

INOGATE Status Report/Energy Review 2013 Missions in cooperation with IEA

2014-05-21 - Kiev, Ukraine

In preparing the INOGATE Status Report, a benchmarking exercise on countries’ progress toward the Baku Initiative/Astana Declaration & Road Map objectives, the ITS carried out joint missions with the International Energy Agency to Partner Countries, using a peer review approach in 2013.

Once these missions are completed all the PC reviews will be collated in an INOGATE/IEA publication which will be showcased at high level regional meetings in Astana, Chisinau and Tbilisi, in late December 2014 and presented in Brussels in early January 2015.



Thematic Areas

Energy standards

Energy Statistics: Getting Closer to Energy Balances

2014-05-01 - Georgia & Armenia

In march and April of 2014, ITS expert teams have been implementing the Energy Statistics Action Plan in Georgia and Armenia to help INOGATE Partner Countries harmonise the collection, compilation and use of their energy statistics in developing their countries' energy balances.

The second technical assistance missions were carried out to Tbilisi, Georgia and Yerevan, Armenia in March and April respectively, contributing successfully to both countries' process of harmonisation with European and international standards.

The ITS mission to Georgia aimed to provide assistance to specialists from Georgia's National Statistics Office (GEOSTAT) in reviewing prepared surveys on energy consumption and to elaborate and clarify related methodological issues. By the end of 2014, GEOSTAT will be able to compile full energy balances that are harmonised with European and international standards.

The mission to Yerevan included working meetings with representatives of the National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. INOGATE experts presented different implementation options for surveys on energy consumption; for example, in the industry and transport sectors. Conducting such surveys will improve the quality of data on consumption, and lead to more accurate energy balances.



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Energy security, Energy investments

INOGATE supports the International Forum for RES Investments in Belarus

2014-04-24 -

More than 80 foreign investors and project developers interested in the Belarusian renewable energy market as well as policy makers and other stakeholders in Belarus participated in the International Forum “Investments in Renewable Energy for Sustainable Energy Development” held on 22-23 April 2014. The Forum was co-organised by the INOGATE Technical Secretariat, the State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus and the EBRD/CEI Project “Belarus: Capacity building of the Renewable Energy Association (REA) for active involvement in decision making processes”. This 2-day event was hosted by REA.

The speakers included internationally known experts from the European Union, representatives of local and foreign banks and companies and delegates from several Eastern and Central European countries. The forum provided a platform for presenting EU’s best practices in RES investments and for sharing experience in implementing renewable energy projects in the Republic of Belarus as well as in some of the INOGATE Partner Countries - Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. Participants also visited a biogas facility in Belarus to see a RES project in operation.

Mr. Viktor Akushko, First Deputy Director of the Energy Efficiency Department pointed out that increasing energy saving and the energy efficiency of the national economy and developing renewable energy in Belarus were priority areas. He also noted that the Republic of Belarus was creating favourable conditions for investments in RES projects and for increasing EE.

Full event documentation can be found here on the INOGATE web portal.



Thematic Areas

Energy investments, Renewable energy

Study Visit on Aspects of Gas Transmission Standards

2014-04-12 - Bonn and Essen, Germany

The INOGATE Technical Secretariat organised a 3-day study visit to Germany on the development, use and integration of gas transmission standards. The study visit was hosted by Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches (DVGW) in collaboration with Open Grid Europe (OGE) and the Gas- und Warme-Institut Essen (GWI). The visit took place from 9 to 11 April 2014

During the study visit, speakers explained the German standardisation system for the gas sector, which is normally semi-regulated. German best practice showcased the combination of EU standards and DVGW technical rules, demonstrating how a model that included both voluntary international standards and compulsory national functional standards could be set up to ensure a safe gas sector. The visit also provided examples of how European transmissions network operator and a technical gas institute function.

The study visit reinforced the efforts made by the PCs to continue their harmonisation of relevant European gas standards and showcase a highly interesting European gas standardization model which will be integrated in the Road Maps and Action Plans currently being developed for each PC. More information about this event is available here.



Thematic Areas

Energy statistics

Increasing Awareness of Energy Efficiency in Moldova

2014-03-19 - Chisinau, Moldova

Over 50 energy players came together on 19 March for the information event “Energy Cooperation Achievements in Moldova So Far and the Way Forward in 2014”, jointly organised by the Ministry of Economy of Moldova and the EU’s INOGATE Technical Secretariat (ITS). Among them were representatives from government, major energy companies, academic institutions, international financial organisations, local financial institutions and civil society. The event reviewed INOGATE’s technical assistance support over the last two years and agreed on how best to target upcoming assistance in 2014 to benefit Moldovan institutions. The Deputy Minister of Economy, Tudor Copachi, in his welcome speech expressed thanks to the INOGATE Programme and noted INOGATE’s importance in advancing Moldova's cooperation with the EU.

Discussions included cooperation between the INOGATE Programme and Moldova in areas of common activity in electricity and gas cooperation; EU experience in raising awareness on sustainable energy (SE); establishing SE information centres based on European models; and clarifications on the

implementation of the EU Directive’s 3rd Energy Package with a focus on art. 27 and its implications for Moldova.

The Deputy Director of the Energy Efficiency Agency of Moldova (EEA), Mr. Calin Negura noted INOGATE’s contribution to the development of energy efficiency in Moldova. INOGATE will support the Agency in the creation of an effective and viable sustainable energy information centre to increase awareness on sustainable energy in the country. The information centre will be the focal point for informing and raising awareness to a broad range of stakeholder groups including policy makers, investors and the general public. This initiative will increase awareness of the benefits and importance of sustainable energy. Complete information on the event and all documentation can be found here.