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Energy tariffs

Azeri, Georgian and Tajik Delegates study Gas Metering Station in Vilinius

2014-06-20 - Vilnius, Lithuania

On 17-19 June 2014, a highly targeted seminar and study tour was organised by INOGATE at the request of the gas companies of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Tajikistan. This multi-purpose event aimed at helping five key delegates gain an in-depth understanding of EU’s best practices on operating gas metering stations as well as on data collection and processing.

INOGATE, through its Ad Hoc Expert Facility (AHEF), is able to meet specific requests of its Partner Countries for exchange of experience and know-how. The three gas companies had a similar request: to learn more about how to develop methodological procedures for the operation and maintenance of the measuring equipment in their metrology stations. Another key aspect of the study tour was to provide information on how to certify the accuracy of the equipment for the measurements of gas flow by accredited companies and how to develop internationally acceptable methods of recording and storage of the measurements.

The topic of this targeted event is relevant to all INOGATE Partner Countries and all materials of this event will be published shortly



Thematic Areas

Energy tariffs

Kazakhstan and EU renew efforts for energy cooperation

2014-06-19 - Astana, Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in co-operation with the INOGATE Technical Secretariat, co-organised an Information Event entitled “INOGATE as a Successful EU Energy Cooperation Programme: Achievements in Kazakhstan and Way Forward in 2014” on 18 June 2014 in Astana.

The event marked 18 years of successful energy cooperation between Kazakhstan and the EU and aimed at discussing how this cooperation could be strengthened to the benefit of both sides. The event was co-chaired by Ambassador Aurelia Bouchez, the Head of the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan and Mr. Magzum Mirzagaliyev, the Vice-Minister of Oil and Gas.

More than 40 key stakeholders from the Kazakh energy sector and the EU were present and offered the opportunity to exchange views on how to reinforce Kazakhstan’s participation in the INOGATE Programme.

A highlight of the meeting was a special discussion on international experience on the issue of tariff setting for production, transmission and distribution of electricity and methods of comparative analysis (benchmarking).

At the meeting, EU Ambassador Aurelia Bouchez said “Europe shares with Kazakhstan the conviction that our citizens need a secure supply of energy at internationally competitive prices. That is why we seek to exchange our know-how and experience on creating competitive energy markets offering quality service, on developing the use of renewable energy, and on fostering economic growth with lower consumption of energy”.

Kazakhstan has been and remains a key partner of the EU’s INOGATE Programme since its inception in 1996, having benefited from 41 of INOGATE's 69 projects.



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Energy statistics

Study Visit on Energy Statistics and Energy Balances

2014-06-05 - Vienna, Austria

From 8 - 11 July 2014, a study visit to the Austrian statistical institute will be organised in cooperation with Statistics Austria (STAT), a highly recognised European National Statistical Institute (NSI). As a full member of the European Statistical System, it adheres to the demanding principles and standards for production and dissemination of high-quality statistics, which are harmonisedwith European and international standards. Furthermore, Statistics Austria is one of the EU member countries, which is well known for its best practices in the compilation of energy statistics and energy balances. Moreover, to supplement the knowledge and expertise provided by SA, experts from two other European NSIs will also be invited to share their experiences on topics, which are suggested by participants from the PCs.

By showing good examples from European NSIs, the study visit aims to further improve and enhance the capacity of specialists from the National Statistical Institutes of the INOGATE Partner Countries to produce good quality energy statistics and energy balances in accordance with European and international standards.

The specialists, who are working with energy statistics and energy balances in the National Statistics institutions of INOGATE Partner Countries will be invited participate in this event.



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Albertus Zweering is new INOGATE Team Leader

2014-06-05 - Kiev, Ukraine

As of May 2014, Mr. Albertus Zweering will be taking over the team leadership of the ITS, replacing Dr. Lemlem Said Issa.

Mr. Zweering is an energy economist with more than 15 years of experience in institutional reforms related to governments, energy companies and agencies in the energy sectors.

We welcome him to the INOGATE family and we wish Dr. Said Issa all the best in her new endeavours!



Thematic Areas

Energy markets, Energy statistics, Energy tariffs, Energy standards, Energy security

INOGATE Launches Mapping Scoping Mission

2014-06-02 - Partner countries

In February and March 2014, the INOGATE Technical Secretariat (ITS) expert team visited six Eastern Partnership (EaP) Countries to demonstrate the use of geospatial mapping techniques as a means to attract sustainable energy investment in PCs.


Essentially, the resource mapping will provide a clear view on what resources could be exploited at what cost and return for both renewable energy (wind, hydro, solar, biomass) and Demand Side Management. The concept includes mapping all existing reference projects and using the resulting online map as a presentation tool to support policy makers, potential investors and other stakeholders.


As a result of the missions, the priorities for RES and EE mapping were identified and letters of interests were received from all six PCs (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). Key findings were that relevant data, skills and demand for a geospatial mapping platform exist and implementation is feasible in all six countries. An implementation concept has been prepared and is currently being reviewed. The presentations made in the PCs (in Russian only) are available here.