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Energy policy, Energy markets, Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Energy investments

Supporting Ukraine’s energy security through increased renewable energy investments from the private sector

2016-04-13 - Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine has been facing a drastic decrease in renewable energy investment since 2014. The country went from being the largest recipient of renewable investment in the region, to almost non-existent investment flows based on the 2015 regional REN21 UNECE report.

Due to the challenging local financing market, the public international financiers (i.e. international banks such as EBRD, EIB and the World Bank) have so far represented the main source of investment financing to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Whilst, this type of financing has enabled to provide for some energy efficiency activity and realisation of pioneering investments into renewable energy, private sector investments are still limited.

A new INOGATE assignment targets to increase private renewable energy investment into Ukraine through the identification and mitigation of barriers slowing down investment. The team will assess the interest and needs of Renewable Energy sources (RES) project developers’ and investors’ – both national and international – for investing in RES projects in Ukraine and will provide a set of insights and prioritized recommendations for increasing private sector investment in Ukraine’s RES sector addressed to project developers, investors, project initiators in Ukraine and European Commission.

In the second half of April 2016, a high-level policy talk is being organised in Kiev where the insights and recommendations from this outreach and consultation exercise will be presented.

You can follow the development of this activity at “Insights and recommendations on facilitating private sector investments in RES projects in Ukraine