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Energy statistics

Four-day workshop for statisticians on sampling for a household energy survey for Moldova

2016-01-26 - Zagreb, Croatia

Three members of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of Moldova have received tailor-made training to prepare them for a household energy survey to be launched in early 2016.

The survey will provide Moldova with statistics on how energy is consumed in household. Based on the results of this new survey, the NBS will analyse how much and what types of fuels (gas, electricity, biomass, etc.) are used in cooking, water heating, space heating, lighting, appliances and other domestic uses.

The workshop included questionnaire design, with a study visit to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics where participants shared experiences and discuss final survey results for Croatia; sample design; analysis of various imputation procedures and mechanisms for controlling data; calibration of survey results with those received from energy suppliers and preparation of the final report with a quality report and dissemination of results.

This workshop prepared the three participants to carry out the first household energy survey in Moldova and extrapolate the results for the entire country. Moldova will then be fully prepared to carry out the next survey independently.

On the photo: representatives of  National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova