Thematic Areas

Energy policy, Energy security, Renewable energy

Greater understanding and compliance: Transposing the EU Directive on Energy Performance in Buildings

2015-12-17 - Copehagen, Denmark

Representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine attended a three-day combined workshop and study visit in and around Copenhagen to improve their understanding of the EU Directive on Energy Performance in Buildings (EBPD) so as to be able to transpose it into their national legislations. At the same time, Partner Countries will receive support in complying with the Directive once it has been promulgated in national legislation.

Before the event, participants were asked to prepare a presentation on key barriers, progress already made and the next steps transposition and compliance with the Directive. They also committed themselves to providing input on the steps they have already taken towards implementation with three months of the event.

Denmark, as host, provided background on the EU and the Danish experience, introducing Danish energy policy and describing its institutional framework. A visit to the Danish Building Research Institute included presentations on calculation rules, cost optimality and comparison with the experience of other European countries, as well as the evolution of the Danish building Energy Performance certification scheme.

A meeting with the Danish Energy Agency, which manages the Danish energy certification of buildings, was the moment to discuss lessons learned and both good and bad experiences. A visit to the offices of Ramboll provided the opportunity to describe the roles and impact of Danish industry in the implementation of the EPBC and to describe the training, inspection and market surveillance of the certification scheme.

To provide momentum for the material and knowledge acquired during this study tour, delegates were given an outline of how to provide feedback on what they had learned and what steps they intended to take for further compliance with the EU Directive.

More documents from the Event will be avaliable here.

On the photo: Family photo of the participants