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Study Visit on Energy Statistics and Energy Balances

2014-06-05 - Vienna, Austria

From 8 - 11 July 2014, a study visit to the Austrian statistical institute will be organised in cooperation with Statistics Austria (STAT), a highly recognised European National Statistical Institute (NSI). As a full member of the European Statistical System, it adheres to the demanding principles and standards for production and dissemination of high-quality statistics, which are harmonisedwith European and international standards. Furthermore, Statistics Austria is one of the EU member countries, which is well known for its best practices in the compilation of energy statistics and energy balances. Moreover, to supplement the knowledge and expertise provided by SA, experts from two other European NSIs will also be invited to share their experiences on topics, which are suggested by participants from the PCs.

By showing good examples from European NSIs, the study visit aims to further improve and enhance the capacity of specialists from the National Statistical Institutes of the INOGATE Partner Countries to produce good quality energy statistics and energy balances in accordance with European and international standards.

The specialists, who are working with energy statistics and energy balances in the National Statistics institutions of INOGATE Partner Countries will be invited participate in this event.