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Energy efficiency

INOGATE Supports Better Education in Sustainable Energy

2014-03-07 - Yerevan, Armenia

From 3-7 March 2014, INOGATE experts provided technical assistance to two universities in Armenia in developing advanced curricula on sustainable energy.

European experts worked with the State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA) and Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction (YSUAC) and prepared a total of 14 pilot lectures aiming to improve curricula in 5 areas:

1) energy efficiency in buildings,

2) industrial energy efficiency,

3) renewable energy sources,

4) sustainable energy policy and

5) energy economics.

In March, INOGATE experts presented one pilot lecture in each of the 5 topics to live audiences of undergraduates, graduate students and professors. ITS experts identified topics that were new to the universities and added value to their curricula.

The assistance provided also enabled Armenian professors to continue the training as well as revising and updating the lectures in the future. Through this type of technical assistance, INOGATE is contributing to the preparation of more qualified professionals in EE and RES, thereby supporting the longer-term development of sustainable energy in the country.