The INOGATE Programme is steered jointly by the European Union and the INOGATE Partner Countries.

The European Union is represented by:

  • European Commission
    • Directorate General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement negotiations (as of 1st January 2015) – (DG NEAR)
    • Directorate General for Energy (DG Energy)
  • External Action Service

The DG NEAR takes the lead in coordinating the INOGATE Programme on behalf of the EU. The EU funds the INOGATE Programme and coordinates its main direction in line with agreed policy frameworks.

DG NEAR works closely with:

  • the INOGATE Technical Secretariat to extend assistance to the Partner Countries
  • INOGATE Country Experts who provide support in each Partner Country.

The INOGATE Partner Countries are represented by their respective ministries in charge of energy and are officially represented by the minister.

The INOGATE Country Coordinators are nominated by each Partner Country and represent the ministry in charge of energy. They:

  • Act as the focal point for INOGATE information in their country
  • Participate in bi-annual meetings to review and approve INOGATE work programmes and strategies
  • Are responsible for all implementation of INOGATE activities in their country, ensuring they are in line with their countries’ needs.


Responsible for implementing specific areas of the INOGATE work programme are the working groups and technical expert groups who are made up of individual members nominated by their Partner Countries. The members of these groups are presented in the following links:

  • WG 1: Working Group 1 – Energy Market Convergence
  • WG 2: Working Group 2 – Energy Security
  • WG 3:Working Group 3 – Sustainable Energy Development
  • WG 4: Working Group 4 – Investment Attraction
  • HG 1: Horizontal Group – Regulatory representatives
  • HG 2: Horizontal Group – Energy Statistics Network
  • TEG 1: Technical Expert Group for Energy Markets and Infrastructures
  • TEG 2: Technical Expert Group for Standardisation (Electricity & Gas)
  • CC: Country Coordinators

INOGATE people & roles

Last & first name Organization Position Country
Vardanyan, Vahe ArmRusgasprom JSC, Republic of Armenia Acting Head of Investment Development Programmes Department Armenia
Rzaev, Asaf Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Azerbaijan Republic Deputy Director of the Department of Energy Azerbaijan
Olegovna-Kirilenko, Vera Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus Deputy Head of the Department for Perspective Development Belarus
Ghubianuri, Elene Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia Acting Head of International Relations Department Georgia
Amangaliyevich-Brekeshev, Serikkali Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan Director of Department of Gas Industry Development Kazakhstan
Amangeldyuly, Nurbek Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan Expert of Section of Monitoring of Oil Transportation and Oil Projects of Department of Oil Industry Development Kazakhstan
Erkeshovich-Gapbasov, Kanat Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan Expert of Section of Electric Power Development of Department of Electric Power and Coal Industry Kazakhstan
Arynbekovich-Zheenbekov, Marat Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic Chief Specialist Kyrgyzstan
Bazarbekovich-Dyikanov, Elmar Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic Chief Specialist Kyrgyzstan
Parsian, Galina Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova Head of the Thermal Power Department Moldova
Radjabovich-Gulov, Rashid Barki-Tojik OJSHC, Republic of Tajikistan Deputy Chief Engineer Tajikistan
Onishchenko, Aleksandr Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Director of the Physical Security, Fire Safety and Vital Activities Safety Department Ukraine
Eshmuradov, Bokhodir JSC "Uztransgaz" First Deputy Director Uzbekistan
Taymaz, Mürşide General Directorate of Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAŞ) Deputy Head of Strategies and Business Development Department Uzbekistan