Energy cooperation

Energy policies directly affect the lives of all citizens. Within the framework of INOGATE, the EU and the INOGATE Partner Countries work together to develop energy security strategies that will balance economic development with environmental sustainability, whilst respecting social values.

The four INOGATE objectives reflect the commitments of the EU to creating a competitive internal energy market, increasing the use of renewable energy sources and moving towards more efficient use of energy.

The overriding policy framework for the INOGATE Programme is the Baku Initiative. At the same time, INOGATE supports all the latest developments in EU external policy, relevant sectoral (energy/climate) policy frameworks and initiatives and regional and bilateral agreements:

Diagramme_EN Policy Documents Eastern Partnership Energy Community Treaty MoU Azerbaijan MoU Kazakhstan MoU Turkmenistan MoU Ukraine MoU Uzbekistan

INOGATE offers technical support to its Partner Countries by:

  • devising and implementing EU-funded technical assistance projects in its four objective areas, including capacity building
  • transferring technical know-how through information, events, seminars and policy support
  • promoting the goals and objectives of the programme and identifying priority issues through active dialogue
  • networking with relevant stakeholders in the Partner Countries, the EU and third parties, including donors, international financial institutions and private sector stakeholders
  • disseminating information on energy policies in the region via the INOGATE web portal, publications and presentations at EU and third party events.

INOGATE projects work within the four main objectives, subdivided into thematic areas. The latest activities are included in the work programme approved by the steering committee. While INOGATE provides assistance on a regional level, it has a flexible ‘bilateral’ approach to implementation through the demand-driven Ad Hoc Expert Facility (AHEF) tailored to the needs of each Partner Country.

To date, the energy cooperation channelled through the INOGATE Programme has received over EUR 150 million in funding from the EU.