Georgia: Technical assistance on cross-border metering stations and upgrading the SCADA system of the transmission network


Georgian gas transmission system is going currently through large scale rehabilitation and modernisation in order to achieve safe and reliable gas transmission in the country. Important part of this process is modernisation of metering and data processing systems which is vital for the effective management of the gas grid. GGTC, the beneficiary of this assignment, is in largely in charge of this process.

In EU a requirement for the effective management of the gas grid using modern gas metering systems is stipulated by the EU Third Energy Package, Directive for the Internal Gas Market.  Georgia as an associated EU member and a candidate for the full accession to the energy community is keen to come closer to the EU practices concerning management of gas infrastructure.

The overall objective of this task is to support the GGTC in its efforts to improve current gas metering systems and related procedures used in the gas transmission and to achieve a significant reduction in gas non-technical losses as well as to adopt cost-effective practices and to ensure in this way a long term stability and accuracy of gas metering.

 The specific objectives of the assignment are:

  • to assess and propose the most feasible technical solutions for cost-effective gas metering (flow metering) equipment;
  •  to assess and propose the optimum maintenance and risk management strategies;
  • to propose a set of measures minimizing pressure losses and energy costs;
  • to increase capacity of GGTC’s personnel to specify, install, operate and maintain meters and pressure regulators for proper operation of  the gas grid network;

Second mission and Workshop is planned for 8 February 2016.

Key Data

Parent project

New INOGATE Technical Secretariat and integrated programme in support of the Baku Initiative and the Eastern Partnership energy objectives



Thematic Areas

Energy policy, Energy security

Activity Types

Event, Country Requests (AHEFS), Seminars & Workshops

Implementation period

8 February 2016


Tbilisi (Georgia)