ITS Technical Assistance to Belarus in the field of Energy Statistics in the extension period (Feb. 2015 – Jan. 2016)


Belarus is one of the nine INOGATE PCs that have agreed upon an Energy Statistics Action Plan (ESAP) with ITS. Belarus beneficiaries have worked actively to implement the ESAP during 2012-2014.

The overarching objective of the Technical Assistance to Belarus is to improve its energy statistics systems and to increase the capacity of Belstat to collect and compile energy statistics harmonised with EU and international standards.

This Technical Assistance for Belarus aims to implement the priority-1 activities for Energy Statistics mentioned in the country work plan (CWP) for Belarus:

  • Organisation and implementation of the survey on final energy consumption in the household sector based on the IEA/Eurostat defined list of variables and modalities
  • Technical assistance in the development of the tool for monitoring and evaluation of Energy Efficiency measures and policies. Harmonized calculation of energy efficiency indicators for the household sector and industry in line with EU Directives 2010/31/EU and 2012/27/EU
  • Technical assistance in the preparation of the plan and concept for implementation of the energy survey in the services sector in 2016

Key Data

Parent project

New INOGATE Technical Secretariat and integrated programme in support of the Baku Initiative and the Eastern Partnership energy objectives



Thematic Areas

Energy statistics

Activity Types


Implementation period

7 - 8 December 2015


Minsk (Belarus)