Regional Seminar on developing Energy Efficiency indicators for the monitoring and evaluation of Energy Efficiency policies


INOGATE Technical Secretariat (ITS) is organising a Regional Seminar on the calculation of Energy Efficiency Indicators (EEIs) entitled “Helping INOGATE Partner Countries to Develop Indicators for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Policies and Measures” to be held in Minsk, Belarus, on 22-24 September 2014.

This additional training workshop aims to assist the representatives of five PCs (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine) in the calculation of EEIs for their country in three main areas or sectors: economy-wide indicators, residential and industry.

More specifically, the objectives of the INOGATE Regional Workshop will be to:
  • present and discuss with selected PCs the best international practices in terms of Energy Efficiency Indicators, monitoring and evaluation of energy efficiency policies; 
  • further raise awareness on the importance of data quality and the availability of disaggregated data for the calculation of energy efficiency indicators and the development and monitoring of evidence-based energy policies and measures;
  • take stock of the status quo and priorities in PCs in terms of EEIs and Energy Efficiency policies (presentations to be given by participants);
  • share with the participants some good examples of EEIs systems developed at the international level (EU, IEA);
  • train participants in the use of a simple tool (IEA Template) for the calculation of EEIs with practical exercises;
  • demonstrate the progress achieved by INOGATE in selected PCs in the field of EEIs:
  • develop and demonstrate a user-friendly tool (with practical exercises) specially developed for modelling household energy data and the calculation of end-use energy consumptions using Belarus and Azerbaijan as showcases;
  • prepare and present ITS recommendations for the development of EEIs in the transport and services sectors.

Key Data

Parent project

New INOGATE Technical Secretariat and integrated programme in support of the Baku Initiative and the Eastern Partnership energy objectives


Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine

Thematic Areas

Energy statistics

Activity Types

Event, Seminars & Workshops

Implementation period

22 - 24 September 2015


Minsk (Belarus)



Document and Publications

Document title ▾ Language Type Date ▴▾
“State of affairs in Energy Efficiencies Policies and Measures and Energy Efficiency Indicators” Ukraine en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
“State of affairs in Energy Efficiencies Policies and Measures and Energy Efficiency Indicators” Azerbaijan Republic en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
Tracking progress and assessing impacts of energy efficiency policies: the role of energy efficiency indicators en, ru Presentation 23/09/2015
The status quo of the policies and measures in the area of energy efficiency indicators in the Republic of Kazakhstan en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
The IEA methodology for energy efficiency indicators en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
"State of affairs in Energy Efficiencies Policies and Measures and Energy Efficiency Indicators" Republic Belarus en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
State of affairs in Energy Efficiencies Policies and Measures and Energy Efficiency Indicators in the Republic of Moldova en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
Proposal for the collection, modelling and compilation of EEIs in the transport sector en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
List of participants of the Regional Workshop in Minsk, 22-24 September 2015 en, ru Other 16/09/2015
Model for Monitoring and Valorisation of Energy Efficiency Indicators (Top-down Indicators of Energy Savings) en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
Introduction : Workshop Objectives and Agenda en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
Implementation of Surveys on Energy Consumption in Households and Services in Energy Community en, ru Presentation 23/09/2015
Households survey on energy consumption in Belarus en, ru Presentation 23/09/2015
Energy Policies of countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Cental Asia en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
Energy Efficiency policies in INOGATE countries. Status quo, main achievements and challenges en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
Energy Efficiency Indicators based on the Energy Statistics data in Ukraine en, ru Presentation 22/09/2015
Agenda for "INOGATE Regional Workshop on Energy Efficiency Indicators" en, ru Agenda 10/08/2015

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