Best Practice Guide for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


The objective of the Best Practice Guide (BPG) is to support technical assistance provided within the Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (SEFF). It is meant to be both intuitive and easy to grasp and prepared in the local language.


The BPG presents energy utilization best practices and can also serve as a guide on energy management. It bridges the gap between project idea and implementation. The BPG also provides guidance for prospective borrowers. It is in 3 volumes: a general presentation, including case studies of successful sustainable energy investments; a general presentation focusing on financial issues and a presentation focusing on engineering issues.


The BPG is geared to encourage investment in EE and RE, as well as helping improve the competence and knowledge of sustainable energy investments at a company level. It is meant to promote good management of scarce finances and to guide local decision makers in turning a good idea into a bankable energy project.

Key Data

Parent project

Identification and Promotion of Energy Efficiency (EE) Investments


Moldova, Ukraine

Thematic Areas

Renewable energy, Energy efficiency

Activity Types

Reports and Studies

Implementation period

15 February 2011


Chisinau (Moldova)