Workshop “Capacity building for financing EE/RES projects” – Georgia


The general objective of this capacity building was to increase capitalization of the EE/RES sector in the PCs.  INOGATE experts showed loan officers how to identify and mitigate risks by creating support and guarantee mechanisms, and how to create optimal financing tools, conditions and plans for EE/RES projects.

Participants learned what to look for to reduce risks and to succeed in analysing and preparing EE/RES projects. Instructors chose the group work intentionally to allow exchange of ideas within the groups. Discussions were meant to teach ways to find workable alternative solutions.

Each workshop exercise to evaluate EE/RES projects included a hidden pitfall (mistake or gap in information) which all groups needed to identify and propose a solution for. Each group presented its solution to the rest, which led to considerable discussion on the subtleties of EE/RES financing.

Participating credit officers and risk managers greatly improved their capacity to mitigate risks in SE.

Future ITS bank training will present the methodology of evaluating EE/RES projects by a bank (due diligence) with stress on the key stages and their key indicators.

Key Data

Parent project

New INOGATE Technical Secretariat and integrated programme in support of the Baku Initiative and the Eastern Partnership energy objectives



Thematic Areas

Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Energy investments

Activity Types

Event, Seminars & Workshops, Country Requests (AHEFS)

Implementation period

9 - 13 July 2013


Tbilisi (Georgia)