AHEF MD.047, Agency for Energy Efficiency, Chisinau, Moldova, March 12-14 and March 18-20, 2013


Industrial Energy Audit Analysis for Bankable projects. 3 workshops conducted in 2 partner countries.

The objective of these workshops was to teach sound business practice using life cycle cost analysis in development and feasibility assessment of EE/RES projects. Specifically, they were meant to teach how a) to create optimal financing tools, conditions and schemes for EE/RES projects, and b) to create and manage EE/RES loan portfolios with maximum profitability level. This included identifying and reducing risks through the creation of financing support, guarantee mechanisms and risk management measures; teaching how to create realistic monitoring schedules and develop lists of activities to verify and control and how to enhance skills in awareness and effective communication in sustainable energy.

This ITS AHEF task trained energy audit specialists in the correct analysis of audit data for bankable projects. In general terms, the ITS intervention enables both experienced and young engineers to perform high quality energy audit analysis in line with the best EU practice. The skills ITS taught will boost SE investments in the PC economies because future energy audits will recommend financially sound energy conservation measures (ECMs), attractive to investors on the merits of life cycle feasibility.

This capacity building trains and empower participants with new decision making abilities, imparts practical skills in energy audit analysis, report writing and proposal presentation through team exercises and gives participants spreadsheet analysis tools to take home for future adaptation and use in energy audits.

Lecture material was provided to teach local participants best practices of conducting business in the sphere of sustainable energy, specifically on industrial energy audit analysis, an overview of EE/RES technologies, the main aspects of EE/RES project development and assessment and project feasibility assessment through life cycle cost analysis.

Group work took place in four (4) workshop exercises on bankability assessment and indicator calculation, two in EE and two in RES, plus four (4) workshop exercises on financing projects/conditions, two in EE and two in RES. The workshops included a short exam and final quiz, a presentation on SE awareness raising and communication and special "Train-The Trainers" session, selection and extra training of future internal trainers based on exam success and level of interest.

Engineers, students and energy managers were trained on energy auditing, including life cycle cost analysis (85 participants in total); training materials with best practice examples and practical exercises were distributed to increase the ability of the participants to efficiently assess and monitor relevant proposals based on international best practices; spreadsheet analysis tools for future adaptation and use in project analysis were also given out and participants were provided with information on communication tools and means for raising awareness on SE.

Key Data

Parent project

New INOGATE Technical Secretariat and integrated programme in support of the Baku Initiative and the Eastern Partnership energy objectives



Thematic Areas

Energy efficiency, Energy investments

Activity Types

Event, Seminars & Workshops, Country Requests (AHEFS)

Implementation period

13 - 21 March 2013


Chisinau (Moldova)

Document and Publications

Document title ▴▾ Language Type Date ▾
Lecture RES ECM Solar Thermal en Presentation 21/03/2013
Lecture Combining ECMs en Presentation 21/03/2013
Lecture Train-The-Trainer (only in Russian) en Presentation 21/03/2013
List of Participants en Other 21/03/2013
Exercise RES ECM Biogas Cogeneration (only in Russian) en Presentation 21/03/2013
Industrial Energy Audit Analysis for Bankable Projects (AHEF.MD.047) - Report en, ru Final Report 21/03/2013
Lecture 10-Steps (only in Russian) en Presentation 21/03/2013
Lecture EE ECM Pipe Insulation for District Heating en Presentation 21/03/2013
Lecture Reports and Presentations en, ru Presentation 21/03/2013
Exercise EE ECM Pumps for District Heating (only in Russian) en Presentation 21/03/2013
Agenda en, ru Agenda 21/03/2013

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