Study tour on Bio-energy - Slovakia


The overall objective of the study tour is to contribute to improving the investment climate for sustainable energy in the PCs through bio-energy.

Specifically, participants were to improve their knowledge and skills to make better investment decisions in the field of bio-energy;  transfer of best practices on bio-energy was to be facilitated and participants would improve their capacity to develop and carry out effective and profitable bio-energy operations.  The study tour would also promote effective approaches and systems for bio-energy with demonstration of working examples.

The study tour was linked with a conference on sustainable use of natural energy resources, covering a range of topics including biomass production and its efficient use, bio-energy sources and facilities from the viewpoint of environmental protection, biofuels as an alternative for the municipal energy sector and success stories of bio-energy projects.

The sessions covered the importance of biomass in the energy mix, biomass production and its efficient use, energy sources and facilities from the viewpoint of environmental protection and biofuels as an alternative for the municipal energy sector. The study tour included visits to a district heating plant and  a biogas cogeneration plant.

The study tour contributed to enhancing the knowledge of participants on bio-energy issues. The participants learned more about best practice in the area of bio-energy, how to implement bio-energy projects, what to take into account when making investment decisions. The event also offered opportunities to visit two bio-energy installations and see their operation in practice. The study tour was also an excellent networking opportunity for peers from the PCs to meet and establish contact. Most participants highlighted this in their evaluations.

The knowledge acquired would be particularly useful for assessment and implementation of bio-energy projects, developing recommendations for legislation, sharing knowledge with colleagues at work, dealing with investors, successful implementation of existing bio-energy projects or ideas and organising similar bio-energy seminars.

Key Data

Parent project

New INOGATE Technical Secretariat and integrated programme in support of the Baku Initiative and the Eastern Partnership energy objectives


Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

Thematic Areas

Renewable energy, Energy efficiency

Activity Types

Event, Study visits

Implementation period

16 - 18 October 2012


Banska Bystrica (Slovakia)



Document and Publications

Document title ▴ Language Type Date ▴▾
4Biomass Project Findings and Results en Presentation 18/10/2012
Biogas and its Quality Increasing en Presentation 18/10/2012
Biomass Production in Germany. Technologies, experiences and possibilities for international co-operations en Presentation 18/10/2012
Canadian Trends in Energy Use of Biomass and Municipal Waste en Presentation 18/10/2012
Concept of District Heating Performance in Banska Bystrica City en Presentation 18/10/2012
Development and Perspectives of Pellets Use in Slovakia en Presentation 18/10/2012
Directive on Energy Efficiency in SR en Presentation 18/10/2012
EBRD credit lines in Slovakia en Presentation 18/10/2012
Economic and Ecological Analysis of a Local Use of Biomass in an Agricultural Holding en Presentation 18/10/2012
Energy Characteristic Woody Chips Produced from Green Dendromass en Presentation 18/10/2012
Experience of Small Biomass Burning Boilers Operation en Presentation 18/10/2012
Final report on study tour to Slovakia en, ru Project reports 09/08/2012
Roport of the Bio Study Tour, 16-18 October 2012, Slovakia en Project reports 18/10/2012
Findings of Construction and Successful Operation of the Central Heating Plant in Detva en Presentation 18/10/2012
Following the OECD Plan to Climate Stabilization en Presentation 18/10/2012
From the Co-firing of Coal and Wood Chips to Biofuel (100%) en Presentation 18/10/2012
GreenGasGrids Project - Biomethane Supporting en Presentation 18/10/2012
Greenway Project - E-mobility for the Slovak Market - Cheap and Environmentally en Presentation 18/10/2012
Impact of Additivies on Pellets´Properties - Operational Experience en Presentation 18/10/2012
Integration of a generator of electricity and heat based on solid biomass to the technological process of wood pellets production en Presentation 18/10/2012
List of Participants en Other 18/10/2012
Long term experiences in establishment and operation of plantation SRC en Presentation 18/10/2012
New ITS Project en Presentation 18/10/2012
ORC - Organic Rankine Cycle for the First Time in Slovakia en Presentation 18/10/2012
Plantations of Fast Growing Trees as a Basis for a Regional Energy Strategies en Presentation 18/10/2012

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