Vulnerable Customers and Social Aspects of Pricing


The programme will allow for the dissemination of hands-on experiences of applied regulatory practices in the treatment of vulnerable customers. In particular, the programme will address social aspects of tariffication in light of the energy sector and tariff reforms progressing in the Inogate Partner Countries. As a result of the workshop, regulatory and ministry participants will understand the specific needs of vulnerable and low-income customers and their affordability constraints. The programme shall make it possible for the participants to learn about energy price affordability issues from the following viewpoints: legal framework, eligibility and evaluation criteria, tariff based vs. non-tariff based solutions and consumer education processes.

The programme will include a variety of formal presentations, case study presentations and discussions.


The workshop will involve Partner Countries of the INOGATE Programme and a variety of energy industry stakeholders: practicing energy regulators and ministry representatives involved in vulnerable customers issues, representatives of relevant NGOs, utility and consumer representatives. Each Partner Country will be invited to delegate 3 representatives.

Key Data

Parent project

Capacity building for sustainable energy regulation in Eastern Europe and Central Asia


Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Thematic Areas

Energy policy, Energy tariffs

Activity Types

Seminars & Workshops, Event

Implementation period

23 - 24 June 2011


Tbilisi (Georgia)

Document and Publications

Document title ▴▾ Language Type Date ▾
Схемы социальной защиты, применяемые в энергетическом секторе en Presentation 19/08/2023
Case study: Social Aspects of Tariff Setting in Lithuania en Presentation 01/11/2020
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Definition of Vulnerable Customers en Presentation
Poverty Reduction Policies en Presentation
Social Aspects of Tariff Setting and Energy Sector Reforms en Presentation
Social Protection Schemes Applied in the Energy Sector en Presentation
Практический пример: Социальные аспекты установления тарифов в Литве en Presentation
Social aspects of tariff setting and energy sector reforms en Presentation
Социальные аспекты установления тарифов и реформы энергетического сектора en Presentation
Social protection schemes applied in the energy sector en Presentation
Схемы социальной защиты, применяемые в энергетическом секторе en Presentation
Agenda en
Повестка дня en
Краткое представление ECRB (Регулирующего совета Энергетического сообщества) и его Рабочей группы по вопросам потребителей (CWG) en Presentation
Политики сокращения бедности en Presentation
Определение уязвимых потребителей en Presentation
Social Aspects of Tariff Setting en Presentation

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